Thaumcraft 3 Wiki

These are wands that do NOT hold Vis, but instead affect mobs and the environment. So far there are five wands,

There are two types of effective wands:

DAMAGE WANDS: The wands below do damage to mobs.

Wand of Fire: A wand that sets fire to living entities (mobs, players, etc.). However, the wand does not set fire to the environment, only living entities. The wand simply shoots where the cursor is.

Wand of Lightning: Just like the Wand of Fire, except it doesn’t set fire to living entities but shoots lightning, and its shot spreads out so it can hit 2 living entities at once - so long as they are only a few blocks apart.

Wand of Frost: This is both a damage wand and an affecting wand. It can hurt living entities, and if it kills them, it makes a little melting animation instead of a normal death animation. It can affect the environment by freezing water into ice. It only freezes one block of ice per shot and can break glass, glass panes, and leaves.

AFFECTING WANDS: The wands below are wands that do not hurt living entities.

Wand of Excavation: This wand breaks one block at a time, at a speed somewhere between an iron and diamond. It can actually shoot the destroying beams, so you can break a block from a distance.

Wand of Equal Trade: When pressing SHIFT+RCLICK. This is the block you wish to change to others. Then you must normally RCLICK another block. You must have enough of the block you SHIFT+RCLICKed. If you SHIFT+RCLICKed a block and you have 64 of it, but you wanted to transform those blocks in a structure that had 70 different blocks, it will transform its best until you have none left. If you had 70, it would transform the whole thing into your chosen block. You would get all of the blocks you chose to be taken away. Note that you cannot achieve grass or smooth stone via this way, it will get turned into dirt and cobblestone respectively.