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The Wand of the Apprentice is the first wand players will have access to in Thaumcraft 3. It is important to keep around as it is used in many "every day" activities in Thaumcraft and is the basis of crafting any more advanced wands. This wand can hold 50 vis and, when used for feats of arcane, will need to charge up before doing more magic. 

Note that it charges off of the nearest Aura Node. If there is no nearby Node, the wand will not recharge.

Advanced Use[]

The Wand of the Apprentice can be upgraded to a Wand of the Adept on an Infusion Altar after researching Unified Thaumic Field Theory. To do so, two wands are needed—one to be upgraded and a second to provide the needed vis for infusion. This wand can also be adapted to become wands such as Fire wands and frost wands after researching the Unified Thaumic Field Theory.


The Wand of the Apprentice can be crafted with one stick, one gold nugget, and one Shard. Place them in a diagonal with the shard at the top Huso

the gold nugget at the bottom in any Workbench. Note that any shard from Thaumcraft can be used: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Vis, or Dull. None of these shards will have any effect on the type of wand crafted; you will always get the exact same. The gray is just an example.

Gold Nugget


Dull Shard

Wand of the Apprentice