The Wand of Uprising is a wand which allows you to jump ahead. It can be combined with the Sword of the Zephyr to make the Sword of the Condor.

Thaumnomicon EntryEdit

Knowing the power of the Sword of the Zephyr to propel foes away, you are trying to create something that will allow you to propel yourself. While someone is flying through the use of this Wand, any accumulated gravitaional energy is negated, reseting the fall damage the holder would take.


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The Wand of Uprising is crafted on an Infusion Altar, with 4 Quicksilver, a Wand of Lightning, 12 Volito, and 6 Aura.

Research DetailsEdit

Wand of Uprising Research Aspects
I-Praecantatio Praecantatio
I-Motus Motus
I-Volito Volito
I-Potentia Potentia


If right clicked while holding the wand, you will jump ahead at a fast speed. If right clicked in succession, you can create a very simple form of flying. It is very similar to the way you could right click with the Sword of the Zephyr in Thaumcraft2.


  • You can still take damage from falling.