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The Wand of Frost fires frost shards at enemies with extreme speed. The frost shards have a melting animation and bounce off walls. The Wand of Frost is a tier 2 research, along with all other special wands. It freezes water into ice (one block per frost shard), and breaks leaves, glass, glass panes, and any form of mushroom block. Water blocks frozen by the Wand of Frost won't melt, even in broad daylight and away from a taiga biome.

Here's a video that shows you how the Wand of Frost works:

Advanced Uses[]

One thing that is not necessarily Thaumcraft related is the possibility of a Spleef game using glass or leaves as the floor and this wand instead of a shovel. Or you could have a game kind of like bowling, where you try and knock out as many leaves or glass blocks as possible.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

"You have successfully adapted the enchantment on an apprentice wand. It is now capable of hurling chunks of ice.

The wand isn't particularly accurate, and the loose chunks of ice tend to bounce all over the place so take care not to use it near anything fragile. The ice chunks will also freeze any water source blocks they come into contact with.

The wand has lost the ability to renew its charge and will eventually run out of energy and break."

Research Details[]

Required Research: Unified Thaumic Field Theory

Wand of Frost
I-Praecantatio.png Praecantatio
I-Gelum.png Gelum
I-Telum.png Telum
I-Fractus.png Fractus


Wand of Frost crafting recipe

The Wand of Frost is made with three water shards and a Wand of the Apprentice at an Infusion Altar with 50 vis. It also requires four Telum and 16 Gelum Essentia.

Video of Wand Of Frost (german)[]


Wand Of Frost & Axe Of The Stream Tutorial

(GERMAN) Alles über Wand Of Frost & Axe Of The Stream