Vitreus is an Aspect based in Glass, Crystals, Gems, and Transparency. Vitreus is generally one of the middle aspects you will discover due to the need to craft many of the sources.


Vitreus Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Emerald Block 72
Diamond Armor 38-77 (Depends on Armor)
Diamond Tools 10-29 (Depends on Tool)
Enchantment Table 19
Diamond 12
Jukebox 10
Emerald 10
Beacon 8
Force Gem (Mod Item) 4
Amber 2
Glass 2
Glass Bottle 2
Vis Shard 2
Water Shard 2
Air Shard 2
Fire Shard 2
Earth Shard 2
Dull Shard 2
Glass Pane 1
Glass Phial 1
Ice 1