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New view of the TC3 Wiki. Subpoint with with TC4 Differences, and also changed way of getting to an item. If the research is called like the Item/Blcok etc. it will stay in one post.

If the research is only called theory of everything f.e. then there will stand all to the research and then a link to wand of thaumaturge.

Ill try to fix that shit you do here ;)

you may ask why?

because my mates use this wiki to reread smth also :P

Im hosting a server with Magic&Machien mods.

Feel free to join. Here all infos:

MMcraft - Forum Thread

Blog Tutorials TC3[]

Here ill post a few nice things you can do with TC3, like elevator with Leviator, auto cluster Production and sorting mechanism. just using TC3 & Vanilla MC.

About my TC3[]

Ill Post all Pictures related to each other in a Blog. ill start tomorow and will put here just the Blog Links:

Earlyer when i was playing BC (Not in Blog cuz just 1 Pic)[]

my Factory in BC :P

My favorite pages[]