Thaumonomicon StupEdit

"The thing is, there's only six sides to a block..." - Direwolf20

Myth = Busted! Your latest construct can be bound to a block in the nearby vicinity. Its sides will mimic the sides of the block selected, and it'll function as an extension. It can accept BuildCraft and IC² power, items, and liquids, being able to also export the latter two.

In order to bind an interface to another block, you need to create a special tool to do so. What you call the Transvector Binder should get the job done.

By simply right-clicking on the interface followed by a right-click on the target, these two get bound and ready for operation. (Note: Buildcraft pipes need to be broken and replaced to work.)

Research DetailsEdit

Transvector Interface
I-Alienis Alienis
I-Machina Machina
I-Permutatio Permutatio
I-Potentia Potentia