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You are able to transmute a set of Essentia into Tin using the Crucible. This is useful if you find yourself with a lot of ore you don't want, and you really want some Tin. Also, this is only available when using a mod that has tin.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

You are now able to transform other metals into tin nuggets.

Research Details[]

Required Research: Basic Transmutation

Tin Transmutation
I-Permutatio.png Permutatio
I-Metallum.png Metallum
I-Vitreus.png Vitreus


Tin Transmutation Count
I-Vis.png Vis charge5
I-Metallum.png Metallum 3
I-Vitreus.png Vitreus 1

Tin Transmutation requires a Crucible and five vis. Add three Metallum and one Vitreus to the Crucible and right-click.

Do not use Ingots for this recipe if at all possible. Breaking an ingot down into nine nuggets will give you more Metallum overall: 1 Metallum Essentia per nugget, as opposed to 8 per ingot. This will allow you to get a much fairer conversion ratio. 3 Nuggets and a single Glass Pane will net you no waste Essentia, and prevent you from creating any unnecessary Flux during transmutation.

When doing the transmutation, just like anything else made from the cauldron, put the aspects needed into the cauldron first then add the needed item (in this case, a tin nugget). Don't worry if you have extra aspects in the cauldron; it will just deduct what is needed and leave the rest in the cauldron, but be sure to use those aspects or you will create taint, which is bad.