Thaumonomicon Entry[edit | edit source]

The Theory of Everything

Research Details[edit | edit source]

Theory of Everything Research Aspects
I-Tutamen.png Tutamen
I-Fungus.png Fungus
I-Vitreus.png Vitreus
I-Lignum.png Lignum
I-Telum.png Telum
I-Messis.png Messis
I-Herba.png Herba
I-Cognitio.png Cognitio
I-Venenum.png Venenum
I-Bestiola.png Bestiola
I-Corpus.png Corpus
I-Flos.png Flos
I-Bestia.png Bestia
I-Metallum.png Metallum
I-Machina.png Machina
I-Victus.png Victus
I-Instrumentum.png Instrumentum
I-Sonus.png Sonus

Uses[edit | edit source]

Wand of the Thaumturge

Not only is this knowledge enlightening, it has some practical applications. Once again it has led you to an improvement of your casting wand. You now know how to create a Wand of the Thaumaturge.

It is similar to the Wand of the Adept, except it is able to store 1000 vis, thus allowing for larger and more complex feats of magic.

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