The Thaumostatic Harness is a mystical device that allows the long-wanted power of flight. You will be able to travel with your friends with ease with this amazing work of thaumaturgy. Strap it on your back and fly away!

The Thaumostatic Harness allows flight similar to creative mode (upward flight is about 2/3 that of creative), and runs on Warded Jars of Potentia which are placed in it by right-clicking with the harness in hand (only one jar may be placed in it at one time). Once these requirements are met, you place it in your chestplate slot, and double-tap space to take off (note that even though you may land, you still have to double-tap the spacebar to turn the harness off). While flying the harness will drain some potentia from the jar within it, as well as slowly damaging the harness itself. (You can put the repair enchantment on the harness to make it repair itself faster than it gets damaged.)

If you enchant the harness with the Haste enchantment, the Harness will grant faster flight. 

Also note that the harness halves your mining speed while flying, but having aqua affinity will speed it back up. The harness also negates fall damage, despite it not being fueled. This does not damage the Harness itself.

Here is a video that shows you the Thaumostatic Harness: courtesy of Zautos MC.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

You have finally managed to unlock the secret of flight. You have created a harness that anchors itself to the Thaumic Field using thaumostatic energy allowing you to defy gravity. You think quanta and quarks might also be involved somehow.

Unusually, the only vis required to power this harness is added during its creation process. Instead the fuel it requires for flight is raw Potentia. Simply right-click while holding the harness to insert filled jars.

Double-tapping space while wearing the harness activates it. While active the harness will constanty use Potentia.

It can be enchanted with the Haste enchant to increase the speed of which you move while flying.

Research DetailsEdit

Thaumcraft 3Edit

Required Research for Basic Thaumostatic Harness: The Theory of Everything

Thaumostatic Harness
I-Imperito Imperito
I-Tutamen Tutamen
I-Motus Motus
I-Potentia Potentia
I-Aura Aura
I-Volito Volito

Thaumcraft 4Edit

Required Research for Thaumostatic Harness: Infusion

Thaumostatic Harness
I-Aer Aer
30px Iter
I-Machina Machina
I-Volito Volatus


Thaumcraft 3Edit

Thaumostatic Harness

Thaumostatic Harness

The Thaumostatic Harness has to be crafted in an Infusion Altar with the following aspects:

Thaumostatic Harness Count
I-Vis Vis charge500
I-Machina Machina 32
I-Potentia Potentia 24
I-Aura Aura 24
I-Tutamen Tutamen 16
I-Volito Volito 64

The items to craft this are: 2 Gold, 2 Air Shards, 1 Iron, 1 Leather Tunic, 1 Redstone Comparator and 2 Arcane wood blocks.


  • The Thaumostatic Harness is the first item since Thaumcraft 2 to actually grant flight.
  • This is the second item in Thaumcraft 3 to negate fall damage, the first being the Sword of the Zephyr.