Thaumonomicon Entry

The Thaumium Scoop is an item that resembles the Scoop from Forestry, a third-party mod; however, it has better durability and can be imbued with the Repair enchantment.

To get this item you must have the Forestry mod and the Thaumic Bees add-on for Thaumcraft 3 installed.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit | edit source]

"This improved scoop is more durable than the plain one your non-magical beekeeping friends are liable to use. It is as good for three times as long as the average scoop at the cost of using some thaumium instead.

Because the thaumium is present in its construction, it is possible to enchant the scoop with a repairing spell in the usual manner."

Research Details[edit | edit source]

Research needed: Thaumium

Thaumium Scoop
I-Praecantatio.png Praecantatio
I-Bestiola.png Bestiola
I-Instrumentum.png Instrumentum
I-Lignum.png Lignum
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