Thaumium is a magical metal created using a crucible with eight Metallum and four Praecantatio. Ingots are used to make a variety of thaumium weapons, as well as special types of magic blocks, such as Arcane Stone Blocks.

Think of it as a base magic metal used to make other magic devices.

Before it can be crafted, the player must first researchBasic Transmutation, and then Thaumium. (See research details)

Here's a video about Thaumium:


Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Thaumium

Uses[edit | edit source]

Thaumium is used in the crafting of the following items:

Research Details[edit | edit source]

I-Permutatio.png Permutatio
I-Metallum.png Metallum
I-Praecantatio.png Praecantatio

Crafting[edit | edit source]


To craft Thaumium requires eight Metallum and four Praecantatio in a crucible, along with five vis.

To Research this you need Metalum, Praecantio, and Permutatio.

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