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Now what?

How do I learn magic?

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Welcome to the Thaumcraft 4 Wikia!


Update to 1.6.4!

Thaumcraft 4 has been released! We will update the information as we find it. You may download the new version here: This will automatically install it in minecraft for you.


While the Thaumonomicon is practically an in-game wiki, it doesn't reveal everything about Thaumcraft 3 or some of the applications of its mechanics (for example, how to destroy a dark node). If we miss anything, forgot to update information on a page, or you discovered something you want to share that isn't already on this wiki, post it yourself or let TurnerS or MasterOfParadox know. Please use these Categories to mark the pages you create

  • Items (Crafting materials, or anything that one cannot use as a tool, wear, nor place)
  • Aspects (An Aspect of research)
  • NPCs (Mobs)
  • Plants
  • Blocks (Items that you can place)
  • Devices (Items that have function that you do not hold)
  • Mod Mechanics (Things that modify how the mod works)
  • Important Stuff (Things that people should read to get better)
  • Tool (Weapons, handheld functional devices, armor)
Novice Thaumaturge?

The Getting Started page has all the basics of how to get started on your alchemical journey to becoming a Master Thaumaturge. Make a wand and make a Thaumonomicon.

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