Placed in an apiary, the Temporal Frame drastically increases the Queen's lifespan.

(Thaumic Bees add-on needed.)

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Keeping bees has been frustrating, as the insects' short lives require you to manually intervene far too often.

A new variation of your frame design, this version involving some Time magic, should help extend their lives significantly. Like the Magic frame, this one too requires aura to run, and will produce flux now and again."

Research InformationEdit

Required research: Stark Bees, Bees and Magic, Magic Frame.

Temporal Frame
I-Bestiola Bestiola
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum
I-Tempus Tempus



Temporal Frame crafting recipe

The Temporal Frame is crafted on an Infusion Altar, using an Untreated Frame, 4 blocks of Sand and 4 Sticks, at the cost of 2 Tempus, 4 Lignum, 8 Bestiola, and 50 vis.