Thaumcraft 4

The thaumcraft3 wiki should be preserved for those who still use Thaumcraft 3 many mod packs have not yet updated to 1.6 and many run on 1.5 or lower which means many people may still be using thaumcraft 3. I think for their sake it is only fair to start a thaumcraft 4 wiki seperate from this wiki which I have taken the liberty of doing.

BlackMage94 (talk) 02:29, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

aura boosting

hello guys.

i did a discovery from which im still looking for confirmation.

i noticed that when indigo flowers are placed near an aura node that it has a boosting effect. i have 1 auro node with crystals + indigo flowers (testing fase) and the overcharge increases quite rapidly. i decided to test it with my current node since i spotted an aura node being charged with nothing around it but indigo flowers.

if anyone is willing to test en confirm this it could be helpfull to many more thaumcraft players.


Problem with overcharging?

I have a 1431 node that I'm currently trying to overcharge, but the 120 clusters I have set up around it aren't charging the main node that they're right next to. It's overcharging 2 nodes around 95-110 meters away over the node that they're right on top of.

Anyone know a solution to fix this aside merge the 2 nodes into the bigger one? 06:34, August 19, 2013 (UTC)

I think you could use the Crystal Core to get the nodes moved, or when you use 3.0.1i then Silver Wood Tree saplings to get a Node way between the 2 nodes.evtl. you have allready many Crystal Capacitors standing there 

1 cluster = +1Vis all 5 mins,

1 Capacitator= -1 Vis all 5 seconds,

So with 12 Capacitatros it takes 50 mins till your node is able to overcharge properly , and not to loose it all 5 mins to normal.

17:55, December 10, 2013 (UTC)

So Many Invalid Theorys!

Whats up with this:

I was just playing around with this in creative and was reasearching. I had only just started the world and had only done the golem clothes stuff, like 5 discoverys, when I started getting invalid theorys, like when I tried to reasearch it it would give me knowledge fragments back. I had like 20 in a row before I got frusterated. I then made 2 stacks of reasearch notes, and ALL OF THEM WERE INVALID! 128 IN A ROW! What is wrong with this picture?

Please nerf the invalid theory porbablity.


~A random and annoyed Thaumcraft player

It was most likely because you'd researched all that you could. There's nothing more to find with your current knowledge, so there's nothing you can do till you do more research. 

By the way, this wiki has nothing to do with the development of the mods. Message the modmaker on the forums if you have a suggestion. 21:28, December 11, 2013 (UTC)