Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have found a way of combining the Sword of the Zephyr with your latest creation, the Wand of Uprising. By doing so, you managed to duplicate the effect of the wand used, albeit at a faster speed. It's also possible to sneak right-click to be propelled backwards.

Doing such, however, comes with a few drawbacks. The sword loses its ability to propel nearby foes or slow your fall, not to mention that this flight is hard to control. However, by reinforcing the sword with extra Thaumium, it became extremely resistant."

Research DetailsEdit

Sword of the Condor
I-Motus Motus
I-Praecantatio Praecantatio
I-Potentia Potentia
I-Volito Volito

Research available after Wand of Uprising.


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To craft the Sword of Condor, you must first have the Sword of the Zephyr and the Wand of Uprising. Now you take 2 Thaumium ingots, the Sword of the Zephyr, the Wand of Uprising, 14 Potentia, and 6 Volito, and put them into the Infusion Altar to create the Sword of the Condor.