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General Information[]

Shards are magical crystals that are found throughout the world. They are found when breaking Infused Stone (a pickaxe is requred for this), with yields anywhere from 1-2 shards when mined. The element of the shard is dependent upon the type (of which the colour of the 'cracks' is an indicator) of the Infused Stone which drops it.

You can tell it is them from their unique shimmer. Fire shards are red, water are blue, air are yellow, earth are green, and vis are purple. All these shards are an indication that the node is healthy with sufficient vis. Dull shards are an indication that the node is not healthy or is a dark node.

Extra vis from the node will "charge" the dull shards into one of the five, and theory states that if a node is over powered it will start to change stone into one of the shard ores. (in practice this is only really viable on a server and if the area is chunkloaded)

Shards are used in the creation of many Thaumcraft-related items.


Air Shards[]

Air shard

Grid Air Shard.png

Air shards contain the following aspects:

Earth Shards[]

Earth Shard

Grid Earth Shard.png

Earth shards contain the following aspects:

Fire Shards[]

Fire shard

Grid Fire Shard.png

Fire shards contain the following aspects:

Water Shards[]

Grid Water Shard.png

Water shards contain the following aspects

Vis Shards[]

Vis shard

Grid Vis Shard.png

Vis shards are slightly different from the other shards, in that they do not have their own element.

Vis shards contain the following aspects:

Dull Shards[]

Dull Shard

Grid Dull Shard.png

Dull shards are infused ores that have lost their infused status, due to an aura node regenerating its aura and drawing on the ore's aura.

Note that if dull ore sits in a high aura area, it will transform into some other form of infused stone. This process can be used to make any desired shard, as long as the correct aspects are added to the aura around it.

Dull shards contain the following aspects: