Rod of the nine hells and bat meter

The Rod of The Nine Hells will summon a fire bat to fight for you.

You must be pointing at an entity to summon a bat, and the bat will attack that entity until one of them dies, which may or may not involve the bat exploding. If the bat is still alive when the target dies, the bat will automatically die without exploding. The bat does not drop experience when it dies, but the target will drop it as normal.

You can summon one bat per filled-in red bat icon (see image), with no delay between so long as charges remain. The staff automatically recharges after use, about one bat per 6 seconds.  When recharging the staff drains 6 vis per bat from the local aura.

NOTE: It's not charged after crafting and needs to manually recharge first!


Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Rod of The Nine Hells

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Rod of The Nine Hells

Advanced UsesEdit

Use multiple Rod of The Nine Hells to gather a strong army of Firebats!

Makes it easy to defeat strong enemies like the Wither which can fly.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have discovered a way to summon the little terrors and send them after your enemies''.

You have bound this power into a special rod and once it has gathered enough vis it can be used to summon a hellbat."

Research DetailsEdit

Rod of the Nine Hells
I-Bestia Bestia
I-Ignis Ignis
I-Malum Malum
I-Praecantatio Praecantatio
I-Telum Telum

Pesquisa disponível depois de Teoria de Tudod.


Rod of the nine hells craft

You need 1 Wand of the Adept, 1 Wand of Fire, 2 Gold and 1 TNT.

Rod of the Nine Hells Count
I-Vis Vis charge250
I-Ignis Ignis 32
I-Malum Malum 32
I-Bestia Bestia 32