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A research table is created by right clicking two Tables placed side-by-side with Scribing Tools. The Research Table is required to perform Research.


Research table that is numbered (1=paper slot, 2=theorem slot, 3=cursory/thorough, 4=aspects, 5=items/blocks)


Thaumcraft 3 tutorial basics guide, Feed the Beast!

To use a Research Table you first need to put paper in the correct place (Slot 1). Then, you need to put items or blocks with aspects in the slots on the left (Slots 5). The aspects being researched are visible in a list (up to 5 at one time) between the item slots and the paper slot (Slot 4). If there is something for you to research that requires one of the aspects in the aspects list, a theory will appear in the theorem slot (Slot 2).

While researching, the aspects available for use may change in different ways. If there is a glowing number on the top left of the aspect that means something in the region is giving that much of a bonus to that aspect. If the aspect ever grays out during research that means you have discovered that the aspect in question is definitely not part of this recipe, and should be removed from further tests if possible.

Research is based on three methods. The first two methods can be toggled in the research table with a button (Slot 3). While researching, you can read the description of the research that appears when about half of the aspects required to complete the research are at 100%. This may reveal or hint at the purpose of the research and what aspects are used in it. At 75% completion the remaining aspects will be revealed to you.

Research Bonuses[]

Certain blocks can confer a bonus to research. an invisible 21x21x21 block cube surrounds the research table; any block within that cube counts towards the research bonus. The maximum bonus that can be conferred is 5.

Aspect Block Bonus
Alienis End portal frame 0.5
Alienis End portal 0.5
Alienis dragon egg 2.0
Aqua cauldron 0.5
Aqua water 0.2
Bestia mob spawner 1.0
Bestiola web 0.2
Carus block of gold 0.75
Carus block of diamond 1.0
Cognitio bookshelf 0.5
Cognitio skull 0.5
Cognitio Brain in a Jar 0.5
Fabrico workbench 0.2
Fabrico anvil 0.5
Fabrico mob spawner 1.0
Flos flower 0.2
Flos rose 0.2
Fractus tnt 0.25
Fungus mushroom 0.2
Gelum ice 0.2
Herba reeds 0.2
Herba cocoa 0.2
Herba flowers 0.2
Ignis lava 0.2
Ignis fire 0.5
Ignis tnt 0.25
Imperito beacon 1.0
Instrumentum workbench 0.2
Instrumentum anvil 0.5
Lignum log 0.1
Lux redstone torch 0.25
Lux beacon 1.0
Machina diode 0.25
Machina redstone dust 0.15
Machina piston base 0.3
Malum dragon egg 2.0
Malum skull 0.5
Malum Brain in a Jar 0.5
Messis tilled soil 0.2
Metallum block of iron 0.75
Mortuus dead bush 0.5
Motus piston base 0.3
Potentia diode 0.25
Potentia redstone dust 0.15
Praecantatio brewing stand 0.5
Praecantatio dragon egg 2.0
Praecantatio enchantment table 1.0
Praecantatio block of emerald 1.0
Purus silverwood log 0.15
Saxum lava 0.2
Saxum bedrock 0.1
Solum bedrock 0.1
Sonus jukebox 0.5
Tenebris bedrock 0.1
Vacuos chest 0.5
Vacuos End portal 0.5
Vacuos ender chest 1.0
Victus cake 0.25
Vinculum pressure plate 0.2
Vinculum mob spawner 1.0
Vinculum Warded Jar 0.33
Visum glass pane 0.1
Vitreus glass 0.1
Vitreus block of diamond 1.0

Other factors, such as the weather, can also confer bonuses.