Praecantatio is an Aspect based in Magic, and Sorcery. Praecantatio is generally one of the middle aspects you will discover due to its rarity in most cases. Golden apples are useful in containing this aspect and Sano. Cooking thaumium ingots in a crucible with at least 1 arcane alembic gives free essentia - the reaction, however, uses substantial amount of vis.


Praecantatio Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Thaumium Ingot 5
Ender Pearl 4
Brewing Stand 4
Crucible 4
Enchantment 2-10 (2 per level)
Blaze Rod 2
Infused Shard 1-4
Golden Carrot 2
Arcane Worktable 2
Alumentum 1
Blaze Powder 1
Chiseled Sandstone 1
Enchanted Fabric 1
Greatwood Log 1
Magic Tallow 1
Nitor 1
Silverwood Log 2
Silverwood Sapling 4

Modded Items (Biomes O' Plenty)

Item Name Aspect Value
Chromoflora 1
Magic Wood 2
Ancient staff 13
Ancient staff topper 13
Celestial Crystal 20
Celestial Lens 80
Sacrifical focus 259