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The Portable Hole is an item in Thaumcraft 3, capable of creating extra-dimensional gaps to be used as passages through walls. These gaps will be three blocks tall, three blocks wide and up to 32 blocks long. When attempting to activate a gap through a solid mass of blocks longer than 32, it will state within the chat it does not have enough charge to open a gap. These passages appear as tunnel with a black starry material. The edges of the hole have blue sparks along their edges. It is most likely to represent The End, especially as they make identical noises as teleporting Endermen. Portable holes recharge from the local aura , and thus will generate flux like any other device that takes Vis from the aura.

Here's a video that shows you how the Portable Hole works:

Research Details[]

Required Research: Unified Thaumic Field Theory, Hungry Chest

Portable Hole Research Aspects
I-Permutatio.png Permutatio
I-Alienis.png Alienis
I-Vacuos.png Vacuos
I-Motus.png Motus


It is possible to craft a Portable Hole using an Infusion Altar with four Enchanted Fabric and one Ender Pearl.

Portable Hole in Action[]

A portable hole can be seen in this video.

A portable hole in action.