Native clusters

All native clusters obtainable with the Pickaxe of the Core

The Pickaxe of the Core has a unique function of prospecting the surrounding area of the Player. It also has the ability to find Native Chunks from ores.

Here's a video that shows you how the Pickaxe of the Core works:

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"By infusing a Thaumium pickaxe with the elemental fire contained in a wand of fire, you have created a pickaxe that glows with the heat of a forge.

When you mine ore blocks there is a chance that you will mine a cluster of native ore instead. Native ore is much easier to process and produces double the normal amount of metal when smelted.

The pickaxe can also be used to sound out any surface you right click against to find out what the highest value aspect is that can be found within a limited area in that direction.

If Shift is held while using this tool, all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal pickaxe."


  • Left-click and hold to mine a block, with a speed similar to an unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe. This tool has a 33% chance of yielding a Native Ore cluster, that can be smelted to obtain two bars instead of one. However, such clusters can only be obtained from Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold and Lead ores.
  • Right-click: analyzes an area of 3 x 3 x 8 blocks, and shows the highest Aspect discovered in that area.
  • If the the Fortune Enchantment is applied to this tool, its chances of mining Native Ore will increase up to 75%.
  • It will light mobs on fire if you hit them with the pickaxe.



Crafted at the Infusion Altar with one Thaumium Pickaxe and one Wand of Fire, at the cost of 100 Vis, as well as 8 Metallum, 8 Visum, 16 Instrumentum and 16 Ignis.


The Pickaxe of the Core can be repaired with an Anvil at the cost of 1 Thaumium Ingot per 25% of durability restored.

Research DetailsEdit

Thaumcraft 3Edit

Required Research: Basic Transmutation, Wand of fire

Pickaxe of the Core
I-Metallum Metallum
I-Visum Visum
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum
I-Ignis Ignis

Thaumcraft 4Edit

Required Research: Thaumium, Infusion

Pickaxe of the Core
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum
I-Messis Messis
I-Victus Victus

Tutorial of Pickaxe Of The Core. (German) Tutorial für die Spitzhacke of the CoreEdit

Wand Of Fire Pickaxe Of The Core Thaumcraft 3 FTB LITE Tutorial 8

Wand Of Fire Pickaxe Of The Core Thaumcraft 3 FTB LITE Tutorial 8

(GERMAN) Alles über Wand Of Fire & Pickaxe Of The Core