Thaumcraft 3 Wiki

If you're going to post a page about something, please remember a few things:

1: We need a photo of the object itself. We want it to make it perfectly clear what the object is, so taking photos of it on a superflat world is recommended (It's very obvious then)

2: The categories are:

  1. Items (Crafting materials, or anything that one cannot use as a tool, wear, nor place)
  2. Aspects (An Aspect of research)
  3. NPCs (Mobs)
  4. Plants (Plants and nature related things that one can grow)
  5. Blocks (Items that you can place)
  6. Devices (Items that have function that you do not hold)
  7. Mod Mechanics (Things that modify how the mod works)
  8. Important Stuff (Things that people should read to get better)
  9. Tool (Weapons, hand held functional devices, armor)

3: To help prove something is true about an object, like if it emits light, or if there is a certain kind of object, please post images of them. Or at least an image of their existance in the Thaumonomicon.

4: Also, please try to put a few jokes in there that aren't racist or sexist (unless against zombies, creepers, endermen, etc.). A little humor won't hurt (just don't overdo it)

5: Please try to use this template when possible. I created it in such a way it should be pretty easy to follow for everyone, and should fit into nearly every item in Thaumcraft.