This Research allows you to bottle up Nodes, and move them to wherever you want to place them.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

Warded jars have proven themselves capable of storing all manner of mundane and mystical things, and you believe you have discovered another use for them - trapping aura nodes.

By constructing a large version of a jar around a node and enacting the proper mystical formula with your wand, the node will become trapped inside the construct which will quickly shrink to a more manageable size. The jar can then be safely picked up and moved around, but the initial trapping spell does have a very good chance of damageing the node.

While trapped the node is kept suspended and will not regenerate vis, nor can vis be drawn from it.

It is possible to free the node from the jar by placing it in the world and clicking on it with a wand. The jar will be destroyed in the process.

Research DetailsEdit

Required Research: Node Preserver
Node In A Jar
30px Auram
30px Lucrum
I-Motus Motus
I-Permutatio Permutatio



Node in a jar

To capture a Node, you must place a multi-layered construct directly around it, as shown in the picture on the right.
  • Layer 1 (upper layer): 9 Wooden Slabs.
  • Layer 2: 9 Glass.
  • Layer 3 (Node level: 8 Glass, surrounding the Node.
  • Layer 4: 9 Glass

Then click on the construct with your Wand. This consumes 70 of each Primal Aspect, so you cannot do this with a lesser Wand only.

Once this is done, the Node can be picked up, like you would a Warded Jar.


Moving a Node has a good chance of lowering its quality: a Bright Node may devolve into a Normal one, or a Normal Node into a Fading one. Therefore, moving already Fading Nodes isn't advised.

Thaumcraft 4 needed.