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Metallum is an Aspect based in Metals, Mines, and Ores. Metallum is generally one of the middle aspects as even though the sources are common, they are typically used for other things.


Metallum Sources
Item Name Aspect Value
Crucible 45
Anvil 26
Anvil (Very Damaged) 26
Iron/Gold Ingot 8
Thaumium Ingot 8
ver Ingot 6
Anvil (Slightly Damaged) 6
Quicksilver 4
Iron Nugget 1
Iron/Gold Block 58
Gold Nugget 1
Refined Iron 7
Gold/Iron Tools 6-19 (Depends on tool)
Thaumium Tools 6-19 (Depends on tool)
Gold/Iron Armor 26-51 (Depends on armor)
Chain Armor 25-50 (Depends on armor)
Thaumium Armor 26-51 (Depends on armor)
Iron Bars 8
Bucket 13
Iron Door 38

Thaumcraft 4[]

In Thaumcraft 4, Metallum can be found by scanning ores with the Thaumometer or mixing together Saxum and Ordo in a Research Table.