General Information Edit

The Magical Mirror is an item that acts as an item teleporter. There are 3 items with the Magic Mirror. These items are the reflective glass, which is crafted with 1 Quicksilver and 1 Glass Pane, and is used to make the Mirror; there is the Magic Mirror, which is a item transporter block; and there is a Magical Hand Mirror, which is a portable version of the Magical Mirror.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You are now able to enchant a pair of magical mirrors to act as doorways to the void between the worlds. Anything shoved through the one mirror will pass through this realm and exit through the other mirror—even across dimensional boundaries.

Unfortunately this realm is extremely hostile to mortal creatures like yourself to using these mirrors to transport living creatures is not yet possible.

To link a pair of these magical mirrors you simply need to place one of them in a desired location. You then right-click with a second mirror on the one you placed, and the pair will become linked. You may then place the second wherever you wish and items thrown into one will ejected out the other.

Mirrors can only be linked in pairs, so while both are placed in the world and able to transmit items, you cannot link them to another mirror. When you pick up a mirror it will remember the last partner it was linked with, allowing you to easily move it without having to relink it. However while one of the paired mirrors is picked up, you may easily relink either of them.

Of course, transporting items is not free and every 16 items will consume 1 vis from the local aura."

Research DetailsEdit

Magic Mirror Research Aspects