General InformationEdit

The Magic Tallow Candle is the magical way of a torch introduced in Thaumcraft 3.

It's an opposing part to the normal torch, only that there are other colours possible and also it can only stand on solid surface. The sleeker look of the candles can provide a very atmospheric look. Tallow candles do not need to be researched, they are available as soon as Magic Tallow is available.

2013-04-05 23.26

All the colours

2013-04-05 23

A tallow candle placed next to a bed.



In order to craft other color varients of the tallow candles, the regular white tallow candle must first be crafted. The regular candle is first crafted with two Magic Tallow  and one string, displayed on the right. This also costs three vis to craft. In order to dye a candle, a white tallow candle must be placed in a crafting grid with a dye, displayed on the right.

Crafting Tallow Candle