The Magic Frame improves existing frames by applying some magic.

"Continuing from your curiosity into these flying creatures, an idea has occurred to you how to encourage them to work faster, coaxed along by the judicious use of magic applied to some existing beekeeping equipment."

(Thaumic Bees add-on needed)

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"The simple frames known to all beekeepers, while effective, are flimsy and prone to breakage. With the help of magic, you have devised an improved design to function longer by enchanting it with reinforcing magic. These improved versions can last several times longer than the basic frames, so long as there's sufficient aura in the area to feed the spells woven into the construction of the frame."

Research InformationEdit

Thaumcraft 3Edit

Required research: Bees and Magic.

Magic Frame Research Details
I-Praecantatio Praecantatio
I-Bestia Bestia
I-Bestiola Bestiola
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum

Thaumcraft 4Edit

Required research: Enchanted Fabric.

Magic Frame Research Details
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum
I-Tutamen Tutamen


Magic frame
The Magic Frame is crafted on an Infusion Altar, using an Untreated Frame, at the cost of 4 Lignum, 8 Bestiola, and 50 vis.