Thaumonomicon Entry Edit

The pieces of knowledge you have been connecting speak of extremely powerful enchantments on the various schools of magic. You don't know what might come out of this, but you are sure that you would need to study various different items.

Unlocks Edit

Freezing Edit

Any entity hit with this sword will receive a freezing effect, impairing their movement. Being set on fire will negate this.

Soul Bringer Edit

When a sword imbuded with this hits an undead, there's a chance for that undead to get possessed and succumb to your side.

Vampirism Edit

Upon hitting an entity, a quarter of the damage dealt will be absorbed by the attacker.

Ashes Edit

The only of the four enchantments that isn't only for weapons. Any item that has this enchantment, upon being broken, it'll be revived back to live at the cost of this enchantment and two random others.

Research Edit