The Item Grate (pictures coming later) The Item Grate is an item that is added in Thaumcraft 4. It is essentially a trapdoor for items. It has two modes, a open mode and a closed mode. The mode  could be changed by rightclicking or when it recieves a redstone signal. When on open mode, items could fall through it like it was air, but you can walk over it like it was a block. When in closed mode, items can't fall through and you can walk over it like it was a block. In open mode, it looks like an iron trapdoor. On closed mode, it looks like an iron trapdoor but you cant see through the 4 holes.

Advanced UsesEdit

The main purpose of this block is so when you set a golem to drop an item into an Infernal Furnace, the golem will safely drop the item in without killing itself by falling into the hole on the top.

Also, some nifty redstone contraptions could be created using this block.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

This section should be more or less an exact copy of what the Thaumonomicon says about it in game. Maybe also include a picture of the actual Thaumonomicon page.

Research DetailsEdit

There is no research for the Item Grate. It is unlocked from the creation of the world.


The Item Grate can be crafted in a normal vanilla crafting table using 1 Trapdoor and 1 Iron Bar.