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You are able to transmute a set of Essentia into Iron using the Crucible. This is useful if you find yourself with a lot of Ore you don't want, and you really want some Iron.

Advanced Uses[]

Do not use Ingots for this recipe if possible. Breaking an ingot down into nine nuggets will usually give you more Metallum overall allowing you to get a much more fair conversion ratio, you will however lose the "bonus" aspects of the ingots (i.e. Copper Ingot has six Metallum and two Victus vs. nine Copper Nuggets with one Metallum each)).

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

You are now able to transform other metals into iron nuggets.

Research Details[]

Required Research: Basic Transmutation

Iron Transmutation Research Aspects



Iron Transmutation requires a Crucible and five vis. Add two Metallum to the Crucible and right-click.