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General Information[]

The iron Golem Guardian or just Iron Golem is a counterpart to Vanilla Iron Golem only in small and never Hostile against the Player who placed him.

Their texture changes to a cracked-looking Golem when low on health, as with other golems.

He can be equiped like every other golem and use different Golem Animation Cores to make your special golem.

Also you can name him with the Golem Name Tag from Thaumic Tinkerer.

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A short introduction video:


Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Iron Golem


Advanced Function[]

When placed down, They will stand still on the block they were placed on. They will continue to do so unless a mob wanders within approximately 16-block radius of its home block, it will begin to chase after it killing it in 6 hits or 4 (zombie 20 LP, makes 5 DMG each hit) hits with a strong core type. Iron golem guardians are the only golem that can wield a Dart Launcher.

The Golem have 20 LP.

The area defended is 15 blocks around with a normal golem. This is increased to 17 blocks with spectacles, 21 blocks if the golem is perceptive, or 23 blocks if the golem has a perception core and spectacles.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

"You have managed to refine the basic golem body, into something sturdier and more agile. The result is a construct that should be quick and strong enough to enter combat. These Golems also repair their damage twice as fast as worker golems.

Your first practical application of this knowledge is the creation of an iron golem guardian. This golem when placed will guard an area from intrution and attack any monsters that dare enter it. Smart versions of this golem can be assigned a wider varity of targets including creepers, which blasts they will attempt to avoid. Unfortunately these golems are limited to melee combat only."

Research Details[]

Researched through Advanced Golemancy.


Iron Golem (strong) recipe

Iron Golem Guardian Count
I-Vis.png Vis charge50
I-Animus.png Animus 12
I-Victus.png Victus 12
I-Telum.png Telum 12
I-Tutamen.png Tutamen 12

This example is with a strength Golem Animation Core and can also be crafted with all other kinds of cores.