As a side note to Wikia Contributors, this was made for 3.0.1c. Please update it accordingly.

Also another note, the version 3.0.1c of Thaumcraft 3 requires a version of forge that is not one of the released builds on the Minecraft Forge Forums and requires you to use the second link.

For your convenience we've written a step by step instruction on how to install Thaumcraft 3.

1:    Download the required version not the latest version as sometimes the latest release of Minecraft Forge.

You can get it from Minecraft Forge Forums or here (USE THIS LINK FOR 3.0.1C!).
For version 3.0.1c the first link will not get you the required version. The second will.

2:    Download the latest version of Thaumcraft

3:    In addition, you may want to consider downloading <~ that mod. It really helps when dealing with those pesky hell bats and angry giants.

4:    Open up Minecraft.jar with 7zip or Winrar (7zip is free, Winrar is not)

5:    Delete the META-INF folder.

6:    Extract minecraft forge somewhere else.

7:    Move all the files from the extracted minecraft forge folder into minecraft.jar

8:    Close minecraft.jar

9:    Run Minecraft, let Minecraft Forge do its installation.

10:    Close Minecraft.

11:    Go to .minecraft and put the Thaumcraft ZIP folder in the "Mods" folder.

12:    Start up Minecraft. Enjoy.

13: Another easy way to do this is to go to a site called There, look up thaumcraft and follow the instructions on the page from there.(forge is automatically installed when you download from this site, so you dont have to do that pesky extracting)