"By merging the magical energy from a Wand of Exchange with a Thaumium Hoe, you have created a farming implement with few equals. When used to till fields, it will till a 3x3 area instead of a single block. When used on crops or other plants, it will act as bonemeal to promote its growth, though at a higher cost to its durability. It might even be able to grow plants that normal bonemeal can't. If shift is held while using this tool all its special properties are suspended and it functions like a normal hoe."

Research DetailsEdit

Hoe of Growth
I-Herba Herba
I-Instrumentum Instrumentum
I-Messis Messis
I-Victus Victus

Triva Edit

After various tests the following has been discovered about the hoe of growth.

  • Without Vis in the area, the Hoe of Growth cannot use its power to grow a Silverwood Tree; it will however still till the land.
  • When using the Hoe of growth it will use up durabilty, it doesn't appear to break if using it by magical means.
  • It can be repaired like any tool by using the material Thaumium, and an anvil.
  • The hoe of growth will use up durability even if the attempt is failed. 
  • The hoe of growth does not use vis in the area to use its magic, but the Silverwood tree will still require 100 - 150 vis before it can grow. 
  • The Hoe of Growth will allow the growth of mushrooms into large mushrooms without the presence of mycellium.

Video of Hoe Of Growth (german)Edit

Wand Of Equal Trade Hoe Of Growth Thaumcraft 3 FTB LITE Tutorial 10-0

Wand Of Equal Trade Hoe Of Growth Thaumcraft 3 FTB LITE Tutorial 10-0

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