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A picture of a player wearing the Helmet of Revealing

The Helmet of Revealing is a simple mix of a Thaumium Helmet and the Goggles of Revealing, brought upon by the Thaumic Tinker add-on. It mixes the armor of the helmet with the abilities of the goggles.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

"As it turns out, goggles don't offer much protection from attacking zombies. You think you have a fix for that though. By strapping goggles of revealing onto a thaumium helmet, you can get the benefits of both. Well, it turns out it is a bit more complicated than that actually. A bit of magic is required to prevent feedback loops, and a bit of magic to keep them from slipping off, but on the whole, it more or less works."

Research Details[]

Required Research: Goggles of Revealing

Helmet of Revealing
I-Tutamen.png Tutamen


To craft the Helmet, you simply need to put a Thaumium Helmet and Goggles of Revealing in an arcane worktable, along with 5 of each Primal Aspect.

How to craft the Helmet of Revealing.