Golem Name Tag added is by Thaumic Tinkerer.

A Golem Name Tag is an item made in an Infusion Altar with a sign and an ink sac. It can be named in an anvil for paying 5 of your XP LVL. Use it by right clicking on a Golem.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"Some black dye and magic... and you think you have figured out a way to properly name your golems.

To do this, the item must be named in an anvil, one would left click the golem with the named item. This does not hit, or damage the golem"

Research DetailsEdit

Golem Name Tag
I-Lignum Lignum
I-Tenebris Tenebris

Research availbale after Golemancy.


Golem name tag craft
You just need 1 sign and 1 inc sack and put it in an

Arcane Worktable or Infusion Altar and 2 Vis.