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Placed in an apiary, the Gentle Frame increases the Queen's lifespan and production at the cost of a slightly lower mutation rate.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

"The Gentle Frame extends the life expectancy of a working queen by roughly a half, and encourages the workers to move at a slightly increased pace. The end result is that the bees live longer, and produce more while they are alive.

Like the Magic Frame, the Gentle Frame also consumes small amounts of aura to maintain its enchantments, and has the negative side-effect of producing small amounts of flux in the surrounding aura now and again as the enchanted bees go about their work outside the hive. It's probably not enough to get too worried about, though."

Research Information[]

Required research: Bees and Magic and Magic Frame.

Gentle Frame
I-Bestiola.png Bestiola
I-Flos.png Flos
I-Instrumentum.png Instrumentum
I-Permutatio.png Permutatio
I-Victus.png Victus

(Note: Research no longer requires Sano for either Thaumcraft 3 or 4)

(Note: Research can occasionally glitch and present an incomplete recipe scroll if you continue to click with Melon/Pumpkin seeds after the recipe scroll appears)



The Gentle Frame is crafted on an Infusion Altar, using an Untreated Frame and 8 Beeswax, at the cost of 4 Lignum, 12 Sano, 8 Bestiola, and 50 vis.