The Fluxometer is an item added by Thaumic Tinkerer.

It is used directly when you are next to an Aura Node, to see which Essentia are in the Node.

Advanced UsesEdit

This can help you to find a way to get the Wispy Essence you want.

Just build a room arround the Node and use a lot of Vis directly next to it (the Goggles of Revealing are helping you

to find out the range). Now there should spawn the Wisp with the Essentia you want. Just kill them and you have what you need.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"After research of the flux itself you think that, you can make use of one of your early discoverys, the Thaumometer, to measure the flux.

Through the research of the flux itself, and through usage of one of your early discoveries, the Thaumomenter, you managed to discover an upgrade for it. This new detector, the Fluxometer can measure the flux in the nearest relevant node. Whilst looking at the Fluxometer with Goggles of Revealing, the holder can see what flux is in the air. The flux displays as icons, the opacity of each icon indicates how much of that aspect is in the aura. If you look close, you can see maxed out aspects as a bit unstable"

Research DetailsEdit

I-Praecantatio Praecantatio
I-Mutatio Mutatio
I-Visum Visum

Research availbale after Basic Flux Research.


Fluxometer crafting
You craft it in an Arcane Worktable or Infusion Altar with 2 Gold Ingots, 2 Flux Filter and one Thaumometer.
Fluxometer Count
I-Vis Vis charge75