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The Flux Filter is a piece of the Arcane Alembic, a placeable object that allows the storage of extra Flux upon using a crucible. It is unlocked upon the discovery of Basic Flux Research.

Flux Filter part of an Arcane Alembic

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

Flux Filters are crafted using gold and specially treated Silverwood. It utilizes Silverwood's natural ability to resist flux as a means of directing its flow and rendering it partially controllable.

The Flux Filter serves no purpose by itself, but it forms a vital component of more complex machines, like the Arcane Alembic. The flux filter can be used next to crucible to collect the left over flux.


Recipe for a Flux Filter

Flux Filters are crafted at an Infusion Altar with 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Silverwood Log and 8 Purus and 8 Permutatio Aspects. Since the recipe only calls for 25 vis, a basic Wand of the Apprentice will suffice.