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The Ethereal Bloom is a purifying flower whose properties allow to remove Taint from a place.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

"Shimmerleaf is often overshadowed by its mystical neighbour the Silverwood tree, but it has magical properties of its own.

Like the Silverwood, Shimmerleaf flowers have purifying properties that lie dormant. You have found a way to awaken these properties and turn it into an Ethereal Bloom.

Ethereal blooms slowly, but surely, restores land corrupted by mystical means to its former glory - this includes the blight known as Taint. While it cannot combat Taint directly, few tainted growths can survive outside their native environment for long and tend to die back.

The flower only purifies the land bathed in its light out to a range of about 8 blocks.

Ethereal Blooms are quite fragile and breaking them will turn them back into a Shimmerleaf flower."

Research Details[]

Crystal Clusters Research
I-Herba.png Herba
I-Praecantatio.png Praecantatio
I-Sano.png Sano
30px Vitium



Ethereal Blooms must be made in a Crucible, using 16 Herba, 16 Praecantatio, 16 Sano and 8 Vitium, and adding 1 Shimmerleaf. This produces one plant.


  • There's currently a problem with this plant's texture when using Optifine: once placed on the ground, it becomes transparent. Therefore, make sure you can remember where exactly you put it if you don't want to find yourself accidentally destroying it.