Cryogenic Globe is an item added by Thaumic Tinkerer.

It can be used to make mobs unable to despawn.

Advanced UsesEdit

Use it to make your own "Mob Zoo" or a big Zombie Farm.

Cryogenic GlobeEdit

this is used to make it so mobs wont despawn (for zoos and such).

Research DetailsEdit

Cryogenic Globe
I-Victus Victus
I-Corpus Corpus
I-Gelum Gelum
I-Tempus Tempus

Research availbale after Unified Thaumic Field Theory.


Cryogenic globe crafting

You craft it in an Infusion Altar with 3 glass pane, 2 iron ingots an ice block (Just obtainable with silk touch enchantment).

Cryogenic Globe Count
I-Vis Vis charge50
I-Victus Victus 6
I-Gelum Gelum 12
I-Tempus Tempus 6