General InformationEdit

Concentrated Compounds give you the chance to use your Plants which have Messis or Essentia to double the use of an Apatite. It works with Forestry or Buildcraft to make automatic farms.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You believe you can extend your reserves of apatite by enriching the crafted material with something that crops may appreciate. You have discovered a method to stretch your reserves of apatite to the limit through the use of magic. By infusing the mixture created by crushing the apatite crystals with dirt with the aspect of the Harvest, you can create additional reserves of it. This mixture is then diluted with sand to produce the normal variety of fertilizer. "

Research DetailsEdit

Concentrated Compound
I-Aqua Aqua
I-Messis Messis
I-Solum Solum

Research availbale after Bees and Magic.


Concentrated compound craft
You can craft it in a Infusion Altar with 1 Apatite.
Concentrated Compound 2 Count
I-Vis Vis charge5
I-Messis Messis 12