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Cinnabar Ore with Quicksilver on the left and a Quicksilver Drop on the right

Cinnabar Ore is about as rare as an Amber Bearing Stone and is also found in groups of 1 ore. When searching for it, it is recommended to look in caves and ravines instead of digging your own mines. It can be mined with an Iron, Diamond or Thaumium pickaxe.


Cinnabar Ore can be smelted in a furnace to get Quicksilver and when smelted in an Infernal Furnace, it gives 0-3 Quicksilver Drops as a bonus. For doing research or using it in the Crucible, smelting it is recommended as the ore only contains 3 Metallum , 2 Saxum and 3 Visum, but quicksilver has got 4 Metallum, 1 Motus, 1 Venenum and 4 Visum. Cinnabar is thus a good source of Visum since Carrots are pretty rare and Glowstone is unobtainable before you can get to the Nether.


Cinnabar Ore

Grid Coal



  1. Quicksilver contains Venenum because it's toxic. Cinnabar Ore is toxic too, but hasn't got the Venenum Aspect in the game.
  2. Cinnabar is like Iron and Gold ore: it drops the ore when mined. You then must put it in a furnace.
  3. Not to be confused with Cinnabar Ore from GregTech (in case you have that mod installed too). That one is only found in the Nether, anyway.