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A zombie always follow his prey.

General InformationEdit

The Brain in a Jar is one of the most important items to get better Golems. It also has another purpose; it can gather up to 1000 XP (enough for leveling up from XP-LVL 1 to XP-LVL 30). Having a Brain in a Jar nearby provides a bonus to researching Malum.

Here's a video that shows you how the Brain in a Jar works:

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Brain in a Jar

Thaumcraft 3 Tutorial, Brain in a Jar


  • The 'brain' gently turns to face the player much like the book on a table of enchanting.
  • The brain will whisper evil thoughts into the world -- great for those creepy atmospheres!
  • When XP orbs get close to the Brain in a Jar, it will absorb the xp till it reaches level 30, If you right click a Brain in a Jar it makes a 'bump' and releases some of xp it contained. Breaking it will dump all stored.

Advanced UsesEdit

You should use this in combination with mob farms (Advanced Thaumostatic Magnetizer can help you build one) or with Infernal Furnace to automate them with Golems.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"You have been gathering rotten zombie brains for a while now, but with the discovery of warded jars you think you may know a way to give them back a spark of life. Or at least unlife.

- Throw one rotten zombie brain into a jar.

- Add some spider eyes and water.

- Stir gently with your wand while thinking dark thoughts.

If you follow the recipe exactly you should now have a partially animated and fully malicious zombie brain. It retains some of the hunger it possessed as a zombie and while it cannot consume brains, it still enjoys eating the thoughts and experiences of those slain nearby. Giving its jar a good shake will make it surrender some of its ill-gotten gains for your own use."

Research DetailsEdit

Brain in a Jar
I-Permutatio Permutatio
I-Animus Animus
I-Cognitio Cognitio
I-Malum Malum

Research available after Warded Jars.


Brain in a jar craft

You can craft it in an Infusion Altar with 1 Zombie Brain, 1 Warded Jar, 1 Bucket of Water (the bucket you get back unfilled) and 2 Spider eyes.

Brain in a Jar Count
I-Vis Vis charge33
I-Animus Animus 8
I-Malum Malum 8
I-Cognitio Cognitio 8