General UsesEdit

Basic Transmutation allows you to make other materials into Gold nuggets which you can craft to Gold Ingots.

Advanced UsesEdit

Use sand to make sandstone and then use that to make smooth sandstone which contains Carus.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

"By studying the rudiments of alchemy and the properties of metals, you think you might have stumbled upon a way to transform base metals into gold.

You are now able to transform basic metals like iron into golden nuggets. The transformation is not without cost and loss however, but one can never have too much gold, can one?"

Research DetailsEdit

Basic Transmutation
I-Permutatio Permutatio
I-Carus Carus
I-Metallum Metallum

This is a base Research.


Basic transmutation craft

You can get it from a Crucible .

Gold Nugget 2 Count
I-Vis Vis charge5
I-Carus Carus 1
I-Metallum Metallum 2