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General Information[]

Use of aspects[]


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Aspects of magic can be studied by the thaumaturge at a Research Table. To do so, the player has to place an item that has the aspect to be researched on the table (in the left hand slots of the UI). Note that up to four items can be placed in the table, but only five aspects can be researched.


Essentia (or raw essentia) are Aspects of Magic that have been "somehow separated from their object and purified." Any item that has at least one aspect can be broken down to release the essentia of this/these aspect(s). Essentia are required by many recipes to craft advanced magic items.

To break down an item into essentia, the thaumaturge will need a Crucible. When thrown into boiling water in this Crucible, the item will infuse the water with its essentia. The Goggles of Revealing can show what essentia is present in the different item that can store it.

Gathering essentia[]

When a crucible holding essentia is right-clicked using a Magic Wand, these essentia will try to mix together in order to form a new item that has the corresponding aspects. If there is no such match, or if the item crafted leaves essentia unused, the essentia will be released into the Aura, generaAs research progresses, the thaumaturge will have the possibility to use Alembics to collect the leftover essentia (or at least some of them) to avoid generating more flux because of his/her practice. Using a Glass Phial, it is possible to transfer essentia from the Alembic to Warded Jars. This allows the thaumaturge to store unbound essentia on a long term basis.

Using essentia[]

Essentia can be used in some ways:

Note that you can only use one Crucible but many Warded Jars.

Thaumonomicon Entry[]

Every item, object or creature is bound by varying mystical elements known as aspects. Aspects describe the objects makeup and bent towards the magical elements. A simple stone may possess the aspect of Saxum (or stone) while more complex items like trees or even creatures can be made up of various different aspects in varying amounts. There are close to 50 known aspects with more being discovered all the time.

To view what aspects an item possesses, simply hover your cursor over the item and press sneak (shift), and you will see what aspects that item has and what amounts of each.

Aspects that have somehow been separated from their object and purified are known as Essentia and are very valuable: both as a crafting tool and as a subject for magical research.

List of Aspects[]

    1. I-Aer.pngAer (Weather, Mist, Climate)
    2. I-Alienis.pngAlienis (Eldritch, The End, Strange, Alien)
    3. I-Animus.pngAnimus (Soul, Spirit)
    4. I-Aqua.pngAqua (Water, Fluid)
    5. I-Aura.pngAura (Air, Wind, Breath)
    6. I-Bestia.pngBestia (Animal, Beast)
    7. I-Bestiola.pngBestiola (Spider, Web, Insects)
    8. I-Carus.pngCarus (Expensive, Precious, Valuable)
    9. I-Cognitio.pngCognitio (Learning, Knowledge, Inquiry)
    10. I-Corpus.pngCorpus (Body, Flesh, Physique)
    11. I-Fabrico.pngFabrico (Create, Construct, Work)
    12. I-Flos.pngFlos (Flower, Bloom, Blossom)
    13. I-Fractus.pngFractus (Destruction, Fragmented, Shattered)
    14. I-Fungus.pngFungus (Mushroom, Toadstool, Fungi)
    15. I-Gelum.pngGelum (Cold, Ice, Frost)
    16. I-Herba.pngHerba (Herb, Plant, Grass)
    17. I-Ignis.pngIgnis (Fire, Heat, Burn)
    18. I-Imperito.pngImperito (Control, Command, Dominate)
    19. I-Instrumentum.pngInstrumentum (Instrument, Tool, Implement)
    20. I-Lignum.pngLignum (Wood, Forest, Tree)
    21. I-Lux.pngLux (Light, Brightness, Day)
    22. I-Machina.pngMachina (Mechanism, Machine, Device)
    23. I-Malum.pngMalum (Evil, The Nether, Malice)
    24. I-Messis.pngMessis (Crops, Harvest)
    25. I-Metallum.pngMetallum (Metal, Mine, Ore)
    26. I-Mortuus.pngMortuus (Death, Decay, Undead)
    27. I-Motus.pngMotus (Motion, Movement, Speed)
    28. I-Mutatio.pngMutatio (Flux, Chaos)
    29. I-Pannus.pngPannus (Cloth, Fabric, Garment, Thread)
    30. I-Permutatio.pngPermutatio (Exchanging, Change, Barter)
    31. I-Potentia.pngPotentia (Power, Energy, Strength)
    32. I-Praecantatio.pngPraecantatio (Magic, Sorcery)
    33. I-Purus.pngPurus (Pure, Clean, Stainless)
    34. I-Sano.pngSano (Healing, Repair, Make Sound)
    35. I-Saxum.pngSaxum (Stone, Rock)
    36. I-Solum.pngSolum (Earth, Soil, Ground, Foundation)
    37. I-Sonus.pngSonus (Sound, Noise, Din)
    38. I-Telum.pngTelum (Arrow, Sword, Weapon)
    39. I-Tempus.pngTempus (Time, Moment, Season)
    40. I-Tenebris.pngTenebris (Dark, Night, Blindness)
    41. I-Tutamen.pngTutamen (Defense, Protection, Security)
    42. I-Vacuos.pngVacuos (Empty, Void, Insubstantial)
    43. I-Venenum.pngVenenum (Poison, Drug, Impure)
    44. I-Victus.pngVictus (Life Force, Food, Sustenance)
    45. I-Vinculum.pngVinculum (Bind, Imprison, Trap)
    46. I-Visum.pngVisum (Sight, Vision, Appearance)
    47. I-Vitreus.pngVitreus (Glass, Crystal, Gem, Transparent)
    48. I-Volito.pngVolito (Flight, Leap)

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Items with no known Aspect[]

This list does not include items from other mods.

  1. Monster Spawners (unobtainable)
  2. Cobblestone Slabs (although wood slabs do have an aspect)
  3. Mob Spawn Eggs (unobtainable)
  4. Discoveries (neglecting those crafted from knowledge fragment)
  5. Firework Stars
  6. Firework Rockets
  7. Minecart Tracks
  8. Nether Brick (the item, not the placeable block)
  9. Nether Portal (unobtainable)
  10. Infernal Furnace

Thaumcraft 4 Aspects[]

This is a list of Thaumcraft 4 aspects, arranged by "tier" and starting with the 6 primal aspects.
The 1st tier is made of the compound aspects you can discover by scanning right out of the gate, or by combining only primal aspects in the research table.
Tier 2 aspects require you to have discovered a tier 1 aspect before you can discover them (whether through scanning in the world, or combining in the research table).
Tier 3 aspects require a tier 2 aspect to be unlocked before they become available, this continues for every subsequent tier

Note: Some of the ( ) are merely guesses based on the Latin. They may be incorrect.

Primal Aspects[]

Aer (Air) :]
Aqua (Water)
Ignis (Fire)
Ordo (Order)
Perditio (Entropy)
Terra (Earth)

Tier 1 Aspects[]

Gelum (Ice) = Ignis + Perditio
Lux (Light) = Aer + Ignis
Motus (Motion) = Ordo + Aer
Potentia (Energy) = Ordo + Ignis
Tempestas (Storm) = Aer + Gelum
Vacuos (Void) = Aer + Perditio
Victus (Life) = Aqua + Terra

Tier 2 Aspects[]

Bestia (Animal, Beast) = Motus + Victus
Fames (Hunger) = Victus + Vacuos
Granum (Seed, Young) = Victus + Ordo
Iter (Journey) = Motus + Terra
Limus (Slime, Sticky) = Victus + Aqua
Metallum (Metal) = Saxum + Ordo
Mortuus (Death) = Victus + Perditio
Permutatio (Exchange) = Motus + Aqua
Praecantatio (Magic) = Vacuos + Potentia
Tempus (Time) = Vacuos + Ordo
Tenebrae (Darkness) = Vacuos + Lux
Vinculum (Trap) = Motus + Perditio
Vitreus (Crystal) = Saxum + Aqua
Volatus (Flight) = Aer + Motus

Tier 3 Aspects[]

Alienis (Strange, Alien) = Vacuos + Tenebrae
Auram (Aura) = Praecantatio + Aer
Corpus (Body) = Mortuus + Bestia
Exanimis (Resurrect, Undead) = Motus + Mortuus
Herba (Plant) = Granum + Terra
Spiritus (Spirit, Soul) = Victus + Mortuus
Venenum (Poison) = Aqua + Perditio
Vitium (Taint) = Praecantatio + Perditio

Tier 4 Aspects[]

Arbor (Wood) = Aer + Herba
Cognito (Thought, Mind) = Ignis + Spiritus
Sensus (Sense) = Aer + Spiritus

Tier 5 Aspects[]

Humanus (Human) = Bestia + Cognito

Tier 6 Aspects[]

Instrumentum (Tool) = Humanus + Ordo
Lucrum (Greed) = Humanus + Fames
Messis (Crop) = Herba + Humanus
Perfodio (Dig, Mine) = Humanus + Terra

Tier 7 Aspects[]

Fabrico (Create, Build) = Humanus + Instrumentum
Machina (Machine) = Motus + Instrumentum
Meto (Harvest, Reap) = Messis + Instrumentum
Pannus (Fabric) = Instrumentum + Bestia
Telum (Weapon) = Instrumentum + Ignis
Tutamen (Armor) = Instrumentum + Terra

Tier 8 Aspects[]

Ira (Wrath) = Telum + Ignis