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The Arcane Table

An Arcane Workbench is the starter crafting table for Thaumcraft 3. The Creator smartly decided not to change all the .class codes in Minecraft to make all the Thaumcraft 3 recipes work on the default Crafting Table. Instead this will be one of the first things you craft in Thaumcraft 3. Most recipes in Thaumcraft 3 require a wand with enough vis charge to craft the item; the Arcane Workbench is no exception. Below the output slot is a slot to place your wand. Wands will automatically charge while in the workbench, but not as fast as it would if you carried them around with you, so it is advised to take your wands out whenever you are done.

An Arcane Workbench will act as a crafting table for any default Minecraft recipe.


To create an Arcane Workbench, simply place down a Table and use your wand on it. This will convert it into an Arcane Workbench. You can place your wand in it to begin crafting.


Using an arcane worktable has a few advantages over the normal crafting table in addition to being able to craft Thaumcraft items. It is slightly cheaper than a regular workbench, requiring 3.5 planks rather than 4. Also, when the GUI is closed, items will remain in the table rather than being dropped at your feet. This means the table can save a partial recipe for later or be used for storage in a pinch. Lastly, the arcane worktable has two Praecantatio aspects which are useful for creating Thaumium or a variety of infusion recipes.

Thaumonomicon entry[]

"To create an Arcane Worktable simply right-click with a wand on a table you have placed in the world. The arcane Worktable serves the same purpose as a normal crafting table, with a few key exceptions.

Apart from normal crafting recipes, it can also craft some of the items unique to Thaumaturgy. To do that you need to place a casting wand like the wand of the Apprentice in the slot on the bottom right. This will allow you to craft items that require vis by drawing the energy directly from the wand.

Wands do recharge while in the worktable at the same rate they would in your inventory."