Arcane wood block

Arcane Wood blocks can be used for both decoration and crafting some items.

They will catch on fire but will not be destroyed.

A portable hole cannot go through these, but can be pushed by pistons making way for some elaborate escape routes.

Research Edit

These blocks are researched with Magical Building Blocks.

Crafting Edit

There are 2 ways of crafting them, but both require the use of an Arcane Worktable.

1a. Cover the entire worktable with ordinary wood.

1b. Place the wand into the slot that has 20 [[vis].

1c. This produces 2 Arcane wood blocks.

2a. Place 4 Greatwood into the worktable as if you were making a crafting table.

2b. Place the wand into the slot that has 20 vis.

2c. This produces 4 arcane wood blocks.