General Information[edit | edit source]

Aphrodisiac Concoction

This item is added by Thaumic Tinkerer.

Aphrodisiac Concoction is a throwable potion which places your animals in the "Love Mode."

Advanced Uses[edit | edit source]

Create an animal pen for all animal types you wish to breed (but be carefull with cats+chicken, wolf+sheep).

Using a redstone mechanism with water in one corner to bring them together, throw the potion and all animals in the range will enter "Love Mode". One throw and you can breed hundreds of animals instead of breeding each manually.

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit | edit source]

"The amount of times you had to waste your hard earned wheat or potatos on breeding livestock is your inspiration for what you're researching right now, the ultimate objective is a potion that will mimic those effects.

You have forumalated a recipe for a concoction with the essence of love.

This potion-like item acts similar to a splash potion, simply tossing it near an area with livestock will cause the same effects as if these animals had been fed with their food of choice."

Research Details[edit | edit source]

Aphrodisiac Concoction
I-Solum.png Solum
I-Imperito.png Imperito
I-Sano.png Sano
I-Victus.png Victus

Research available after Unified Thaumic Field Theory.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Aphrodisiac concoction craft.PNG

You can craft it in a Infusion Altar with 1 Bottle of Water, 1 Potato, 1 Carrot, 1 Wheat, 1 Nether Wart, 1 Glittering Melon, 1 Redstone, 1 Glowstone Dust and one Blaze Powder.

Aphrodisiac Concoction Count
I-Vis.png Vis charge4448
I-Imperito.png Imperito 5
I-Solum.png Solum 6
I-Victus.png Victus 12
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