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• 2/1/2014

Mana Beans- Effects and Distillations (Help needed, please reply)

So, I'm in a magical forest biome, and I had an idea of planting mana beans everywhere so that I could barley run out of aspects. However, it's more difficult than I have expected, and some of them seem to kill me randomly (I know that Mortus will kill me almost all the time, considering how, you know, DEATH). I read somewhere that you can distill mana beans, so how do you do that?

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• 2/2/2014

In the Alchemical Furnace most likely (with Alembics to gather the distilled Essentia). Unless there's yet another method that I'm not aware of. (I'm using TC4 on a server where we had little luck with Magical Forest biomes, and have only finally started to force-create one nearby through Silvertree transplants, so I haven't had stacks of beans to distill yet.)

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